Past Exibitions
"At the Water's Edge"
"Mediterranean Masters"
Lester Goldman: Abstract Expressionist Period
"The New Fauves"
"A Celebration of Life - The Female Nude"
"Souvenirs of Nantucket"
"Plein Air Artist Brian Sindler"
"Art from the Victorian Age"
   Alexander, John White
   Armstrong, H.S.
   Beckwith, James Carol after
   Devedeux, Louis
   Fleury, James Vivein de
   Green, Alfred Herbert
   Hazelton, Mary Brewster
   Koekkoek, Hendrick Pieter
   Niemann, Edward
   Watts, Frederick William (attributed)
   Whipple, John
   White, John
Exhibition of paintings by William Nelson
"Paintings of Constantin Kluge"
"Chicago Artists We Love"
"European Painters We Love"
Francis Chapin, Dean of Chicago Modernism